Religious Alchemy Sacred Geometry And The Inventive Self

It is probably not readily obvious what all three of those topics need to do with one another, however for me, one frequent denominator they share is consciousness.  Whereas this can be a easy interpretation, don’t enable previous views of “what” these topics symbolize to intervene with what I’m about to counsel.  Using the phrases discovered inside this providing, reminiscent of alchemy, geometry, and the Tree of Life, are utilized by me, in the identical sense as I’d use the time period, blue denims.  There may be a picture, however there are a lot of mannequin’s.  I’m providing a distinct, much less complicated, interpretation of those phrases and pictures, within the context of consciousness; from a healer’s perspective, my very own.

The Thoughts/Physique connection means that the cells of our physique have a consciousness.  Take into account that these cells should even be a part of the mind-body-spirit triad and the implications increase. When sacred geometry is taken into account, now we have the idea of shapes influencing or inspiring us, our consciousness, with Divine relationships. If we contemplate alchemy from the attitude of the transformation of consciousness, from limiting truths or consciousness (lead) into expanded truths or consciousness (gold), the relationships between these three topics counsel sensible transformational alternatives and purposes.

The Map

Begin with the picture of a physique, I take advantage of Michelangelo’s drawing of a person, arms outstretched.  Overlay atop the physique the Cabalistic Tree of Life.  The underside sephiroth, is positioned between the ft and the primary paired sephiroth align with the hips.  The second paired sephiroth align with the shoulders, and the third pair of sephiroth align with the lobes of the mind.

Place the chakras over the picture you now have, solely use the picture of the caduceus.  You’ll be able to start to see the suggestion of geometries of power, inside the physique and Human Vitality Subject, start to take form.  I name them sacred as a result of these geometries inside us can encourage us to expertise the Divine inside.


For simplicities sake, I provide the next strategies for seeing the Tree of Life.  There are three pillars.  The fitting pillar symbolizes compassion; the left pillar, innocence; with the center pillar signifying steadiness.  I deviate from “conventional” interpretations, however as I discussed earlier, I’m not suggesting a standard method.

The relevance of the caduceus is that it suggests, to me, there are two serpents related to kundalini.  As these serpents rise, because the kundalini rises, they transfer round every chakra, or Celestial Gate, and vibrate that chakra, that Celestial Gate into readability.  The essence of that readability is an expression of our Divine identification and will likely be distinctive with every particular person.

Simplicity is the important thing. It’s not my intention to confound a reality that’s readily experiential for any prepared to take a position a while to expertise that reality inside themselves.  The expertise of that reality speaks for itself.

Step one in making use of what I’ve provided can be to ponder the physique with the Tree of Life overlaid atop it.  Draw it, give it some thought, get a way of it.  The following step is one I contemplate vital, FEEL the Tree of Life in your physique.  This takes a while, so merely be affected person.

One would then do the identical when working with the chakras, working their technique to feeling them inside the physique.

Concurrently, as soon as can use this simplistic map of consciousness, and “join the dots”.


In my therapeutic observe I view the Coronary heart because the Sacred Gate.  Earlier than utilizing any of the extra intricate energetic, geometric patterns inside the physique, consider the center.  The guts ought to first be opened.  A method that is completed is by being within the current second; accepting life and feelings as they’re; forgiving your self or others, as want; and providing compassion to your self in order that the center, via forgiveness, love and compassion could deepen.  That is finest understood as an experiential course of.

The guts then attracts, drawing from our “coronary heart’s need” that which we search to expertise.  It could be bodily, emotional, or non secular therapeutic; or it might be, concurrently, creating, from our coronary heart, the life or work we need and have at all times imagined was potential for us to expertise.

This course of could also be empowered via using the sacred geometries prompt to every particular person by the “map” that has been provided.

What happens is akin to the physique turning into “hole” and the geometric shapes turning inside the physique and consciousness of every individual.  The geometries of consciousness transfer in response to the feelings and ideas every individual experiences all through the day. What happens is much like alchemy, in that limiting truths or consciousness (lead), are remodeled into expanded truths or consciousness (gold).