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Historical past

Reflexology is developed within the decade of 1930 and although it’s based mostly on earlier principle by Dr. William Fitzgerald referred to as “Zone Remedy”, it has been credited to Eunice Ingham. In line with Dr. Fitzgerald, particular elements of the physique might have an anesthetic area which might work on one other space. Creating this principle, he divided the physique into ten equal vertical zones, ending within the fingers and toes. He had concluded that stress on one a part of the zone might present anesthetic impact on different elements inside that zone.


Reflexology believes that there’s a “very important vitality” that’s circulating between numerous organs of the human physique that penetrates into each unit of the physique known as cell. As this vitality faces some impediment, the zone can be affected, and the reflex zones can point out the blockage of vitality in several organs. Subsequently, if somebody has an issue in a selected organ, a reflexologist will press on the corresponding reflex zone or zones, and the individual will expertise ache at that time. This ache is taken into account to be originating from the deposition of crystals within the reflex zone and, with therapeutic massage, these crystalline buildings might be damaged down and the ache is relieved. On the identical time the stress utilized to the reflex zones by the reflexologist is taken into account to move via the nerves to beat vitality blockages. In reflexology it’s thought-about that engaged on the reflex areas of palms, base of the toes and ears might be the most effective pure remedy for numerous issues and on the identical time might be helpful within the upkeep of the wellness.

Reported reactions

Case research, not statistical conclusions, reveal that folks handled by consultants in reflexology report quite a lot of reactions, together with the next:

Throughout remedy

1. Emotions of leisure, consolation, or well-being are noticed in the course of the process.
2. Nausea or discomfort as a consequence of emotional reactions.
three. Emotional impression could happen as one could really feel like laughing or crying and so on.
four. One could sigh, yawn, or go to sleep many instances as a consequence of enjoyable impact.
5. Temperature change both sizzling or chilly in feeling.
6. A tingling sensation might be felt within the toes or via the physique.

After remedy

1. Chilly-like signs akin to a working nostril or congestion within the sinuses are cleared
2. A cough, as mucus is cleared from the lungs and respiratory system.
three. Extra frequent urination, bowel actions, or flatulence.
four. One fills energized.

Alleged long-term results

It is usually thought-about that reflexology reveals many extra long run results. These results primarily are associated with the entire physique leisure and ache relieving results in numerous elements of the physique.

1. Lowered stress and induced leisure: Many individuals strive reflexology as their first foray into the world of therapeutic massage, discovering the remedy extra enjoyable than a common physique therapeutic massage. Throughout the remedy, shoppers are solely required to calm down and expose their toes to the reflexologist. Remedy parts additionally embrace gentle music, essence oil and gentle lighting, which mix to create a drowsy impact. Shoppers usually go to sleep and describe the expertise as essentially the most enjoyable hours of their day. After the remedy, they describe themselves as feeling “refreshed”.
2. Roughly 75% of all diseases are stated to be associated to emphasize. Stress can result in headache, neck and shoulder stiffness, in addition to contracting the widespread chilly. “Prevention is best than the remedy”, it’s stated, and so it’s not stunning to see the rising reputation of reflexology as a method of relieving stress.
three. Feeling of elevated vitality: It’s claimed that reflexology opens pathways to resume ourselves and enhance our vitality stage, instantly after remedy and for a number of days afterwards. It might hold us free from the sensation of missing motivation, tiredness, and lack of ability to pay attention. Reflexology advocates say that reflexology not solely relieves signs, but in addition acts on enhancements of our physique as a complete.
four. Different alleged results: Numerous acute and persistent situations associated with the physique akin to arthritis, stress associated situations, issues associated with sleep, sport associated accidents, preventative remedy, enchancment of psychological alertness, stimulation of creativity and productiveness and serving to to enhance inter-relationships between physique techniques.

Present apply

Reflexologists apply stress on “reflex zones” discovered on the toes, fingers and the ears, that are stated to correspond to the totally different elements of the physique. Utility is finished via thumb, finger and hand method. Reflex areas, like hand and foot, composed of 7200 nerve endings are stimulated by stress utilized. An improved instruction to each gland, single half and organ of the physique may very well be achieved by such a well being science. The physique is then believed to pursue a biologically right, strengthened and bolstered state.

The reflex zones are organized in a approach that represents the entire physique.

To start with, there must be a preliminary speak with the practitioner earlier than remedy. The reflexologist then begins to work on the consumer’s toes, or fingers if essential, noting drawback areas. There could also be discomfort in some locations, however it’s fleeting, and likewise a sign of congestion or imbalance in a corresponding a part of the physique. For the many of the half, the feeling is nice and soothing. Reflexology can assist calm down the consumer and is believed to stimulate the physique’s personal therapeutic mechanisms. Normally a remedy session lasts for about one hour. For some instances, a remedy can final almost two hours. A course of remedy varies in size relying on the necessity of the consumer physique. The reflexologist will talk about this with the affected person on the first session.

Reflexology is a widespread apply in Asia, the place foot reflexology (often known as foot therapeutic massage) is kind of standard within the elements like kerala in India and so on. Though many individuals are skeptical concerning the ideas underlying this apply, its use is spreading, maybe as a result of it’s being taken merely as a soothing therapeutic massage remedy. It isn’t the apply that reflexologists use foot reflexology solely, they like to make use of a mixture of foot, hand and ear reflexology to acquire a a lot better outcome.