Mudras & Hand Symbolism: Hand Mysteries? Half three

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In ceremonial magick of the Western Custom, the palms and fingers are used for numerous functions amongst which is to hint symbols, sigils, and indicators in a consecrated area or object. They’re additionally utilized to banish, invoke and direct forces to sure targets. In distinction to the adepts of ceremonial magic, stage magicians apply the palms to entertain audiences with their many illusory tips. They name this, “prestidigitation,” or “sleight of hand.” In prestidigitation, the palms are utilized in numerous methods to deceive and mislead the eyes, and in addition in guiding the psychological focus of the viewers. The saying that “the palms are faster than the attention,” is a widely known clich√© utilized by stage magicians.

Whereas nonetheless on the subject of leisure, we’ve to contemplate the applause. The clapping of palms in trendy utilization is an expression of pleasure, settlement, an accompaniment to music, or appreciation for somebody’s stage efficiency. Metaphysically, it’s stated that ovation dispels the presence of angelic beings. These creatures of sunshine dislike the vibrations produced by the applause. From the occult viewpoint, due to this fact, clapping is thought to be a destructive observe.

In dance, gestures of the palms are important in conveying or expressing symbolic messages and metaphorical meanings. They possess a wealthy vocabulary and inform non-verbal tales that evoke our primordial feelings in addition to divine sensations. This will simply be seen and skilled within the hula-dance of the Polynesians. These dances and hand actions narrate numerous myths of the land that transports us to a different world. In Hindu classical texts concerning dance, a whole lot of hand gestures are talked about, along with descriptions of the 13 positions of the pinnacle, thirty-six of the eyes, and 9 of the neck. Within the Hindu dances based mostly on the Carnatic music composition, the next mudras are used amongst many others: Raaga mudra, Tata mudra, Aachaarya mudra, Naayaka mudra, Vamsa mudra, Biruda mudra, Lakshana Grantha mudra, Prabandha mudra, Sthala mudra, and so forth.

Though the numerous poses of the palms in conventional dance could painting symbolical meanings, they’re additionally practical within the sense that they modify the morphogenic or auric discipline of the human organism, and likewise meant to control the power circulation throughout the etheric physique.

There are quite a few types of dance or dancing model prompted by the varied ranges of the psyche. Mainly, we will classify three varieties of dance originating from the subconsciousness, consciousness and the superconsciousness. The instinctive or primitive dance originating from the subconsciousness is well-known and is displayed by each man and beast. Most of those actions and their awkward gestures normally are mating courtship dances and the discharge of pent-up energies. Cultural dances advanced from these unrefined actions. They’re a projection of what the psyche understands of magnificence, grace, kind, rhythm, and so forth. The third class could also be referred to as mystical dances. They originate from larger ranges of consciousness past the attain of the aware thoughts, however whose energies could also be channeled by means of the bodily physique producing divine actions. Some types of dancing are the amalgamation of all three classifications. The standard dancing types of Jap nations comparable to India, Thailand, and Indonesia are typical of those. In these dances mudras are sometimes fashioned to change the consciousness of the dancer and not directly have an effect on the consciousness of the spectators. About 16 years in the past the author personally witnessed one of many conventional Javanese dances carried out by a really gifted younger man. The dance was referred to as “Kesadaran,” or “Consciousness.” We have been spellbound from begin to end.

Music typically make us transfer and sway our palms, toes, and physique unconsciously. Why does it do that? For the merely motive that musical energies have the ability to own our beings and trigger an altered state of consciousness making us lose a sure diploma of management over our bodily motor system. All beings are vulnerable to the affect of music. Animals and vegetation are particularly susceptible. In Greek fable we frequently hear tales of Pan, the personification of Nature, dancing to the magical tunes of his pan-pipes, and all those that heard him play would additionally be part of within the enjoyable, the mirth, and the merry-making. Equally, when the Greek sage Orpheus performed on his lyre, all grew to become entranced, even the rocks listened attentively.

Within the Hindu tales of the gods, as discovered within the Bhagavata-Purana and the Gita-Govinda, Krishna is alleged to have enchanted the gopis, or shepherdesses of Vrindavana along with his lila dance and magical flute-playing. Every gopi was so mesmerized and distracted by Krishna that they might neglect every little thing else round them. They might develop into so one-pointed that they might consider that they have been the one one current earlier than their Lord. Evidently, music has the ability to trigger ecstatic emotions.

The god Shiva is usually portrayed in iconography in a dancing pose as Nataraja, or “Lord of Dance.” Representing the Consciousness facet of Nature, why does Shiva have interaction in a Cosmic dance? It’s as a result of Shakti or divine power, flows by means of his being and causes spasms and convulsions at first, after which rhythmic actions in attunement with the beat of the Cosmos. Amidst non secular flames, Shiva dances rapturously, burning and transmuting the entire previous outworn types of life hindering cosmic progress.

In a microcosmic scale, a Shiva-dance likewise happens to a practitioner of mudras. Spontaneous dancing could transpire because of the awakening of the life-force within the lowest psychospiritual middle of the etheric physique. Whereas conducting the mudras the practitioner’s entire being would typically transfer involuntarily. The bodily physique may sway ahead and backward, left and proper or rotate on its axis. His or her palms would transfer on their very own accord in circles, in arches, in figure-eights, in a chopping upward-downward motion, or oscillate in a left-right or forward-backward path; generally the palms are mysteriously positioned at numerous layers of the aura, and even at sure focus points–at the chakras or power facilities of the physique. Whereas Shakti is energetic, she may induce the practitioner to imagine unlearnt mudras. The energies invoked by means of mudras have an intelligence all of their very own they usually do their work by means of actions. They know what to do to steadiness, purify, rework, or combine celestial energies into the microcosmic system.

Within the martial-arts discipline, palms are used as weapons of protection or destruction. The “Tiger’s Claw,” the “Iron Fist,” “the Drunken-style Fist,” and so forth, all point out the manifold deadly types that the palms could assume to strike an opponent or to beat back blows. In distinction to this, the finer arts make use of the palms constructively and creatively to provide wondrous objects of artwork, and to compose and produce heavenly music. Just like the Cosmic dance of Shiva, the actions of Tai Chi, Pencak Silat, and different types of self-defense have a part of their origin in an woke up supply of power shifting by means of the limbs producing involuntary actions. These actions have been later famous down and changed into the varied steps of martial-art self-discipline and coaching.

Some programs of metaphysical improvement train us to maneuver the physique in a sure manner. Although this has an impact in stimulating energies within the physique it’s not fairly as efficient in producing the specified outcomes as when in comparison with the assuming of mudras that trigger the energies to provide pure actions all of their very own accord.

After we clasp our palms by interlacing our fingers, the thumb on the uppermost, whether or not proper or left signifies which hemisphere of our mind predominates. Psychology tells us that if the fitting thumb is uppermost it’s logic or motive that’s predominant inside us, or if the left thumb, instinct.

The palms play an essential position in empowering the thoughts to perform optimally. Since power radiates from the palms and fingertips, they’re typically unconsciously utilized as stimulators re-connecting misplaced or poor hyperlinks between synapses of mind neurons. Within the e book Physique Magic, an essential work on esoteric man, Benjamin Walker describes how the operations of the palms typically try to enhance the psychological processes by sure placements:

“When the fingertips of the 2 palms are positioned collectively, a circuit is about up with the mind that’s believed to help thought. Individuals in deep thought will typically discuss with their fingertips pressed collectively, as if unconsciously conscious of the necessity to set up such a present to help their focus. If a person needs to recall one thing he has forgotten, his hand will instinctively contact his brow to contact along with his fingers the supply of his considering.”

From what has been written to date, it’s evident that palms play a distinguished position in on a regular basis life. This can be seen in the way in which we’ve invented all kinds of idioms concerning them. As an example, “lend me a hand,” “hands-off,” “hand-in-hand,” “old-hand,” “hands-on,” and so forth.

The Utility of Arms within the Non secular Path

Within the Non secular Path palms are used for the next functions:

As an instrument of therapeutic.

As an instrument of blessing and consecration.

As an instrument of common service.

As an instrument of educating.

As an instrument of purification, invocation, prayer, and communion.


As an instrument of therapeutic

Chakras, or energy-centers are to be discovered everywhere in the physique. There’s a chakra to be present in every palm of the hand. There may be likewise a minor chakra at each fingertip. The dimensions, exercise, and energy of those chakras are dependent upon numerous elements. One among these is the purity of the refined channels terminating at these chakra factors. These refined channels or etheric nadis convey the life-force everywhere in the physique and could also be projected outdoors of the physique by means of the hand chakras. Healers of varied metaphysical traditions make use of the palms to convey therapeutic power or to interrupt up poisonous crystals imbedded within the tissues. Since historical instances Chinese language docs have been diagnosing an individual’s state of vitality by means of sensing the energy of the power radiating from the palms, from the phalanges of the fingers, and the heartbeat on the wrist. Among the many many programs of other therapeutics that make use of the palms are acupressure, Shiatsu, Chakra therapeutic, Reiki, Rosicrucian Contact therapeutic, Physique Electronics, numerous types of therapeutic massage work, and so forth. Like Jesus the Christ, each Provoke on the Non secular Path is actually a healer, although he could not blatantly proclaim or promote himself to be one. When circumstances and necessity requires it he would gladly provide his companies to the struggling one, all the time stressing, nonetheless, that it’s not he that works, however the “Father ” inside him.

As an instrument of blessing and consecration

Metaphysics teaches and proves by means of numerous experiments which can be personally verified by skeptics that power radiates from the palms. This power could also be used to magnetize objects, locations, areas or individuals for numerous functions. The spiritual time period for magnetization is consecration. Blessing is a type of consecration. It refers back to the magnetization of a human being quite than an object with a non secular pressure. Usually, within the act of consecration or blessing we search to boost the vibrations or frequency of an individual or an object, or to empower it with sure energies that will flip it right into a psycho-spiritual generator that will affect its fast environment in a sure manner. Thought-forms imbued with psychological options and emotional energy are sometimes hooked up to those blessings. Curses function a lot in the identical manner as blessings, they nonetheless, result in destructive results. The curse on Tutankhamen’s tomb is a traditional instance of this.

The place persons are concern within the act of blessing, the metaphysical practitioner would additionally search to clear obstructive or congested energies stopping the particular person from being conscious of or communing along with his or her Greater Self. As soon as this purification is achieved the particular person would possess a clearer line of communication along with his hidden god or genius and purchase a stronger sense of safety, religion, and a continuing steering from the Most Excessive.

Within the act of blessing or consecration, the palms work in concord with the ability of the spoken phrase to switch the magnetic-field construction of individuals and objects.

As an instrument of common service

The palms are instruments of service and humanitarian assist. Spiritually and socially, it’s utilized in extending a serving to hand to our fellow beings, to these in want of naked requirements, consolation and solace. In non secular teachings, karma yoga is usually related to the palms in energetic giving with none considered remuneration or recognition. This can be a very important precept. The need to serve humanity should come from the guts with none considered self or ego. Selflessness, self-sacrifice, and energetic service are essential virtues that the non secular aspirant has to embody and specific at each respiratory second. When self-comfort, self-importance, and self-aggrandizement are the only motives of assist to others then the palms are misapplied and any act carried-out is unmeritorious. Non secular disciples mustn’t entice consideration to the truth that they’re serving. The perfect service is finished quietly within the shadows with none fanfare or ads. The Grasp Jesus defined it concisely on this method: “Don’t let the left hand know what the fitting hand is doing.” Occultly, the left hand is used for receiving energies, whereas the fitting hand is employed for giving them.

As an instrument of educating

Non secular Gurus train in numerous methods. They provide teachings orally, in writing, telepathically, by means of instance, symbols, drama, and by means of gestures. The palms can convey a number of info when knowledgeably used. Symbolic actions of the palms could painting the workings of Cosmic legal guidelines and non secular rules. It’s stated image is value a thousand phrases. Generally the palms could inform what the mouth can not. A loving contact tells one thing that phrases are sometimes unequipped to. In Zen Buddhism, the Guru typically provides shock remedies to his college students with the usage of the palms. A rap on the pinnacle or a slap on the face on the acceptable second and psychological situation after intense meditation is meant to trigger a pupil to instantly apperceive the pure state of his thoughts and thereby develop into enlighten.

As an instrument of purification, invocation, prayer and communion

Maybe the most typical use of palms in spiritual and in metaphysical non secular work is its software in prayer. Mainly, this doesn’t require any specialised data. The palms are instinctively used when interesting to God, to larger intelligences for intercession or when used merely as gestures of adoration or reverence, simply as we instinctively scratch our foreheads or pull our beards after we search to arouse our psychological powers. The palms could also be clasped, outstretched or assumed in some other manner that the guts dictates whereas in silent prayer. Esoteric teachings, nonetheless, teaches numerous mudras, or hand gestures which have particular functions for the invocation of cosmic forces and non secular beings. The liturgical components “The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Amen” within the Christian Custom accompanied with the touching of the suitable factors of the pinnacle and physique on the conclusion of a prayer conveys a sure energy to the etheric physique when accurately finished. Nonetheless, the perfunctory method wherein it’s carried out gives little or no of value. In Hinduism, such inserting of the palms upon sure components of the physique with magical intent is named Nyasa.

To commune with the divinity inside us we could apply numerous mudras that facilitates mystical communion. Mudras establishes a psychic situation within the thoughts and physique that short-term elevates our consciousness, and disperses the etheric webs that protects the psyche from being prematurely bombarded by psychic/celestial energies. It aligns and unites our goal consciousness with the superconscious thoughts. An altered state of consciousness is definitely achieved by means of the usage of the palms within the performing of mudras. Via mudras our communion with the so-called supernatural is managed. We open and shut the portals to larger worlds by means of the applying of our will.

In ceremonial magick the palms are extensively used to direct and construct up forces in a single’s sacred place of worship and observe. Symbols are drawn on the bottom or within the air with the ability radiating from the palms and chakras to invoke and evoke cosmic metaphysical forces. The avatar Sai Baba is usually seen making gestures within the air. He does this for the aim of dispersing and cleaning the ambient environment and environment from destructive energies. The metaphysical practitioner or ceremonial magician makes use of the palms in manifesting sure issues and circumstances.

To conclude this text we want to reward the palms for what they provide us–the alternative to develop and serve. The fingers and thumbs of the palms mustn’t quarrel amongst themselves as to who’s the best, as associated in some historical fables, for all of them have their place in supporting the necessity in us to additional pursue our desires, in fulfilling our earthly duties and cosmic mission. The harmonious conjoined functioning of the fingers and thumbs of the palms is a metaphor for the fitting relationship and cooperation between the sons of males to manifest the Will of God, simply because the fingers and palms manifests the desire of its possessor. The noblest use of our palms is to increase it in friendship, in kindness and in unconditional love.

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