Crystal Kids Traits

Questioning whether or not you’re a Crystal or not? Perhaps you understand somebody that you simply suspect being Crystal? Let me clarify the Crystal kids’s traits and traits.

Crystal kids, together with Indigo and Rainbow kids, are sometimes called the brand new age kids. What makes these individuals comparable is their superb talents, which are sometimes paranormal. The Indigos have been showing since earlier than the hippie motion, whereas the Crystals began showing within the mid 80s. Rainbow kids are a more moderen kind that didn’t seem earlier than the 21st century.

Listed here are som frequent Crystal kids traits and traits:

  • They’ve huge eyes.
  • They’ve a excessive IQ. Many have an IQ of 160 whereas the typical is round 130.
  • They typically begin speaking in late childhood. Often across the age of three. It is speculated that the explanation for that is due to their telepathic talents.
  • They’re very empathetic and delicate.
  • They’re typically (wrongly) identified with ADHD.
  • They’re typically telepathic. There have been many circumstances the place this has been reported.
  • They’re cautious about what they eat. They typically favor wholesome meals and lots of are vegetarians.
  • They’re forgiving and infrequently fairly naive.
  • They have an inclination to have an curiosity in spirits, faith and the supernatural. Some say they’ll additionally see ghosts.
  • Their aura has a Crystal colour. That is the explanation for his or her identify.

These are simply a few of the traits of Crystal kids. Many individuals imagine that these youngsters are indicators of the following evolutionary step for us people.