Composite Vedic Horoscope Evaluation

Notice: The next is a Detailed and Composite Evaluation undertaken for a consumer after an preliminary Detailed Chart Evaluation was drafted at an earlier stage for him. The Composite Chart Evaluation contains particular remedial measures by way of the Remedial Measures Consultancy, an Evaluation of the annual propensities by way of the interpretation of the Tithi Pravesh Chakra, interpretation of a Horary/ Prashna Chart to judge an funding question and the examine of the well being scenario by way of the casting of Nakshatra Pravesh Chakra. It is a Report customised to deal with the wants of the consumer.The Evaluation in its current kind excludes the private particulars of the consumer, akin to delivery knowledge and place of residence, to guard his privateness and is revealed right here together with his categorical consent.</em>

Pricey ABC,

As mentioned in our correspondence previous to this Evaluation, the focal areas must be remedial in nature in order that efficient strategies may be remoted to raised the troublesome aspects of life on this incarnation.

So as to do that successfully, we should examine the chart from the factors of view, inter alia, of inherent weaknesses/ Doshas as described by Parashar and different Sages within the historic Jyotish classics in addition to the challenges precipitated at varied ranges by the Mahadasha lord of the Vimshottari Dasha scheme.

Proper on the outset, one can see that the delivery has occurred on the Amavasya Tithi. The Tithi is of overwhelming significance in Hindu Jyotish and kinds an Anga/ A part of the Panchanga/ the 5 Components used to review the High quality of Time in Indian astrology.

Tithi is the mathematical measure of the angular distance between the natal Solar and the natal Moon on the time of delivery. We’re discussing this in order that you realize what’s inflicting the issue, to what diploma and the way it’s proposed to be remedied. Should you have no idea this, you can not perceive your individual life and its challenges. Tithi consists of the Jala Tattwa/ the Watery ingredient. The Jala Tattwa symbolizes prosperity and general well-being. The overweening significance of the Tithi within the lifetime of the Jatak is the rationale for casting the Tithi Pravesha Chakra to review annual propensities for the native within the given Hindu yr. It reveals the degrees of
general well-being and prosperity. Appropriate? You perceive how vital Tithi is?

That is the rationale why Parashara listed some Tithis as being struck by inherent flaws within the high quality of time at delivery. That is particularly listed within the Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra, the immortal basic given to us by the Seer. Your delivery on the Amavasya Tithi must have been remedied at delivery; that is what’s really useful however very often it’s discovered that the treatment just isn’t carried out at delivery. In truth, typically it’s not carried out in any respect. The reason being not far to hunt. If the treatment is finished, the distress and difficulties shall be alleviated and the Dosha shall stand rectified. If the Dosha is rectified, then one of many avenues to satisfy Karma shall be exhausted.

In truth, your astrologer was additionally born on the Amavasya Tithi and other than the classical exposition and interpretation, additionally speaks to you from direct private expertise of delivery on this malefic lunar date.

Amavasya Tithi is dominated by Rahu. This planet is diabolically against each the luminaries, the Solar and the Moon, and is eternally making an attempt to gobble them up. For the reason that Tithi relies on the movement of the Moon relative to the Solar, the luminaries are of large significance right here. The Moon signifies the thoughts, social interplay, the picture, prosperity, general well-being and the stream of cash. When Rahu lords the Amavasya Tithi, the Moon turns into very severely and doubly . Firstly, the key supply of lunar energy is its place relative to the Solar. The nearer the Moon will get to the Solar, the weaker it will get. On the Amavasya Tithi, the Solar and the Moon are virtually conjunct and the Moon is on the weakest junction of the Darkish Fortnight. Secondly, Rahu, the arch-enemy of the Moon guidelines this lunar date. All these components are immensely adversarial for the Moon within the chart.

The vulnerabilities of the Moon within the Rashi Chart won’t be elaborated as they’ve been mentioned earlier. Suffice it to say that the Amavasya Tithi Dosha and the truth that the Moon can be the Lagna Lord in Rashi Sandhi is indicative of psychological torment and success eluding the native. This Yoga impacts the prosperity and well-being and issues don’t fructify regardless of the perfect efforts.

The Amavasya Tithi is acknowledged to rule hell and thus hellish struggling is related to delivery on this date. This stuff are definitely not meant to foster despondency however to facilitate recognition and acceptance of the destined options of life, in order that they could be remedied. One the cures for the Amavasya Tithi Dosha begin working then positive aspects are constituted of international lands, particularly related in your case (!) and in addition from underground exercise like mining in sure different circumstances. Notably, each international lands and mining are the pure significations of Rahu, the planet afflicting the luminaries because of the lordship of the Amavasya Tithi.

It’s unambiguously acknowledged that that is a very powerful and first Remedial Measure that you must carry out in order that the chart/ life could also be launched from the very malefic clutches of this Duryoga/ unhealthy mixture within the chart.

The treatment is as follows: Discover out from the native priest when Amavasya Tithi is falling in a given month; the treatment is to be carried out at the moment. Have two small idols of the Solar and Moon made: they are often photographs inscribed on discs, like small cash or simply any idols of the Solar and Moon that may be obtained with ease and with out undue expenditure. The Solar and the Moon must be worshiped with the Mantra ‘Savita’ and ‘Aapyayasva’ respectively. Simply chanting these two single phrases may be sufficient. The native should face within the South-Western path dominated by Rahu whereas chanting the Mantras.

If the idols can’t be had then the native can simply pray to the luminaries within the South-Western path and pray for his or her grace free of Rahu. In Ganga Jal/ water from the Holy Ganges may be obtained, then a pot containing it should be put in on the place of the worship and after the prayers, the water should be poured over one’s personal head, in addition to that of the mother and father (the Solar and the Moon).

One other easier Upaya/ treatment is to donate a black cow (NOT a buffalo) on the Amavasya Tithi with the thought that one is giving freely all of the tainting of Rahu. There are specific different issues however you can not try this in …Do what you’ll be able to out of this process given above on each Amavasya Tithi until you are feeling discernible aid, which you most definitely will. The cow must be donated solely as soon as. It’s preferable if the cow just isn’t absolutely grown and of milk-yielding stage.

With this treatment, the chart will likely be freed to an amazing extent to start to legitimately anticipate returns commensurate with the hassle put in. All of your monetary and enterprise issues linked with prosperity have their root within the Amavasya Tithi Dosha and the magnitude of this Flaw within the High quality of Time is the rationale why the Sage advised that it’s remedied at delivery.

The astrologers who might have advised that wealth and funds pose no drawback have failed to note the Amavasya Tithi Dosha within the chart.

The following factor to do is to work with the remedial points of the continuing Saturn Mahadasha within the Vimshottari Dasha scheme. I want to instantly refer you to the sooner doc that I had drafted for you. Please revisit the elements in regards to the Shani Mahadasha and the Charakaraka alternative. These are vital to grasp the style wherein your life will change on this Mahadasha. Please discuss with the Dasha outcomes as laid down in that Evaluation. The details will likely be reiterated and summarized herein as properly for the sake of your understanding and continuity of interpretation.

Saturn is a debilitated malefic in a Kendra from Lagna and it’ll give Rajayoga as a result of this placement. There may be additionally cancellation of debility. Thus, as far, as materials points go, Shani Dasha will give good outcomes after the cures for the Amavasya Tithi Dosha are carried out. The latter are like opening to jail gates, in order that the particular person might exit of the captivity of his Karma after which try (Saturn) and reap the advantages of his efforts. Nonetheless, Neecha Grahas are troublesome of their pure significations and issues that they lord temporally within the chart. Due to this fact, subordinates (pure signification), sexual companions, companions in enterprise (seventh Lord), power sickness (eighth lord) are all problem areas. The debility of Saturn has and can influence these areas adversely. Due to this fact, we have now to pause and take discover of this drawback and handle this as properly.

The extreme focus that Saturn locations on the 10th Home as a result of failure and delay would be the driving power in reaching mastery over the work area and it will give prosperity. However debilitated and Vargottama Saturn afflicts many different essential elements of the chart. The truth that Saturn occupies its signal of debility Aries within the Navamsha and the Dashamsha Chakras renders it very weak. Its weak point is magnified a number of occasions over because of the repeated occupation of Aries/ Mesha within the Varga/ the divisional charts. Saturn can be in Rashi Sandhi in Aries/ Mesha at zero levels, in actual fact it’s in a malefic junctional area referred to as Gandanta between a Water signal and a Fireplace signal, the 2 components being opposed to one another rendering the planet even weaker.

Aside from work and general life on the psychological degree at a degree of receiving and reacting to social stimuli, because of the lordship of the Vimshottari Dasha sequence, Saturn guidelines another particular components within the chart. For instance, Saturn can be sitting atop the Darapada/ A7 within the 10th Home. The Darapada has to do with our partnerships at a manifest degree. It’s the precipitate of the seventh Home of marriage, intercourse, partnerships and need. It’s a essential reference level for relationships. The Darapada is conjoined the Mrityupada/A8. This latter is the manifest, risen side of the eighth Home of sudden occasions, transformation, struggling and inheritance points. A few of these attributes and qualities would have been interlaced with the relationships. The Roga Pada/ A6 can be conjoined the A7. This makes the scenario loaded. The Karma is such that relationships don?t finish simply and enmity and bitterness is available in, this being a operate of the A6. So as to add to all of it, Neecha Shani is conjoined this mix and the Shani Mahadasha has begun. Within the gentle of all this, remedial measures must be carried out to appease Shani.

The eye drawn to the Charakaraka alternative that’s occurring helps the situation of relationships as a result of Venus will take over because the Char Darakaraka. The ladies who will come into life now will likely be prettier, gentler and usually relationships will likely be extra versatile. The inflexibility and rigidity that will have characterised girls to this point will likely be a factor of the previous fairly quickly. You’ll be able to sit up for constructive modifications on this entrance.

Venus additionally has Digbala/ directional energy from the Arudha Lagna and the South-Japanese path will likely be good for materials success. The Charakaraka alternative could also be introduced by the arrival of a lady from the South-East.

To forestall family and rivals from turning into an actual drawback additionally Saturn must be appeased.

The factor to do to alleviate the debilitation of Saturn all through its Vimshottari Dasha and to help the perfect outcomes because of the Charakaraka alternative, we have to raise the signal placement of Saturn. That is carried out greatest by way of the system of the Jyotirlinga Mantra. There are 12 Jyotirlinga or types of Lord Shiva which can be filled with all His attributes and include the divine gentle to obliterate Karmic darkness, to burn evil Karma seen by way of poor planetary placements and debility and so forth of Grahas, to shine forth in exterior life and to inculcate optimism in a significant method in life. The 12 Jyotirlinga (Dwadash Jyotirlinga) are mapped straight on to the 12 Rashis/ indicators of the zodiac.

Once we search to work with the debilitation of a vital planet, like Saturn in your chart, the Jyotirlinga Mantra may be very helpful. The right mantra can raise the Graha out of its debilitation and rid the native of among the extra disturbing points of a planet?s debilitation. We have to raise the planet out of its debility. Saturn is exalted within the signal reverse its signal of debility, particularly, Tula/ Libra. We have to work with the Jyotirlinga Mantra for Tula in order that Saturn may be lifted out of its debility.

The Mantra is:

“Om Namah Shivaaya Namo Mahaakaaleshaaya”

As Saturn is within the 10th Home, it’s best to do 10 Malas (10* 108) on a regular basis beginning on Saturday. Should you discover this onerous at first, begin with 1 Mala (108 repetitions). Mahakala is the Shiva kind akin to the zodiacal signal Libra.

This will likely be a very powerful treatment to safeguard you throughout the Saturn Mahadasha that shall proceed until 18.1.2025. Not solely to safeguard but additionally to assist convey out the Rajayoga potential of the Saturn Mahadasha.

The Lagna and the Lagna Lord are chargeable for the well being and intelligence of the native. The location of the Lagna Lord/ Paka Lagna is essential on this regard. As communicated to you earlier, the Lagna Lord Moon, chargeable for the well being, may be very weak in Rashi Sandhi. The Moon is in its exaltation Rashi and will get the energy to obtain remedial measures. You have to put on a pearl set in silver on Monday after the Moon comes out within the sky. If you will get maintain of Ganga Jal, then first wash the ring with the gemstone set in it with uncooked cow’s milk after which with the holy water. Supply some incense and white flowers after which put on the ring.

The burden of the stone is to be 2, four, 6 or 9 Rattis (not 7/eight Rattis). Because the Moon is the Lagna Lord, the gemstone must be worn within the ring finger. The ring finger is symbolic of the Dharma Trikona: the first, fifth and the ninth Homes and because the Moon lords the Lagna, the ring must be worn within the third finger.

With these cures, I’m fairly optimistic that your life will start to show proper round it the varied troubled areas mentioned to this point.

Nonetheless, to let you may have an entire image, I’m going to advise you of particular deities that may be approached for particular areas of life. The primary is the Ishta Devata. This deity is chargeable for taking the native in direction of emancipation. This deity is seen from the 12th Home from the Atmakaraka planet within the Navamsha Chart. The Navamsha Chart pertains to Dharma. The Atmakaraka planet signifies the soul of the native and the 12th therefrom reveals the discharge of the soul.

The Atmakaraka is positioned in Virgo/ Kanya Navamsha and the 12th therefrom is Leo/ Simha which is vacant however aspected by the lord of Leo, the Solar by Rashi Drishti. This reveals that the Ishta Devata is Lord Shiva because the Solar is the Graha consultant of Lord Shiva. For issues of the soul, you’ll be able to pray to Lord Shiva.

The following deity and maybe extra pertinent for you at this stage is the Palan Karta. This planet is seen from the sixth Home from the Amatyakaraka Graha within the Navamsha Chart. The Amatyakaraka is the planet chargeable for the profession and so the Palan Karta reveals our sustenance and livelihood on this world. The Amatyakaraka planet is Venus and the 12th therefrom is occupied by Mars. Mars reveals the Palan Karta. Skanda/ Kartikeya or Lord Hanuman is the Palan Karta on this incarnation. This deity may be approached for aid in monetary issues.

The ultimate deity is the Dharma Devata. This planet is seen from the ninth Home from the Amatyakaraka within the Navamsha chart and reveals us the trail that we have now to comply with on this incarnation.

The ninth Home from Venus, the Amatyakaraka, is occupied by the Moon. The Moon is exalted within the Rashi chart, exhibiting Gouri/ Parvati as the particular type of the Goddess which shall information you to your true and righteous path on this incarnation.

Allow us to now see among the particular options as they receive on this Hindu yr. The Tithi Pravesha Chakra this yr is solid for the next knowledge… The Hindu birthday, because it have been, varies slightly from the Western birthday in line with the Gregorian Calendar however the Tithi Pravesha Chakra is astrologically and astronomically very astute. True Copy of the Tithi Pravesha Chakra is annexed herewith and marked asĀ  ABC TITHI PRAVESHA CHAKRA.

Some specifics must be checked within the Tithi Pravesha Chakra. Vrishabh/ Taurus Lagna rises within the Tithi Pravesha Chakra for this yr. It is a malefic home within the natal Rashi Chart, being the 11th from the unconventional Lagna Most cancers. However this additionally denotes monetary positive aspects. The fabric positives seem to outweigh the malefic potential of the 11th Home. Well being must be bolstered by the cures detailed above as a result of the Hindu birthday falls on the Vedic (not western) weekday of Saturday which planet is a practical malefic for the Lagna.

The Hora Lord for this yr?s Tithi Pravesha Chakra is Jupiter, retrograde within the sixth Home because the eighth Lord, forming the auspicious Vipreeta Raja Yoga indicating advance and sudden positive aspects after adversity, stresses and trials. If you’ll be able to do the cures, this chart reveals the potential of fairly important materials and financial positive aspects this yr. The Hora Lord is in some ways a very powerful planet for the Tithi Pravesha Chakra and signifies focal areas and crux outcomes for the yr.

Ideally, you could wish to use the esoteric data contained on this Evaluation as some form of a turning level to grasp the trials of this life and as a fulcrum to vary it throughout on your profit. The forces additionally appear amenable to such a enterprise.

You will have apprised me of the funding alternative regarding the enterprise involving Digital Digicam Photograph processing/ printing images (Rahu) in kiosks by way of reminiscence sticks (refined devices: Ketu). Due to this fact, the Nodes must play the proper supporting position to ensure that the enterprise to present outcomes.

Taurus Lagna rises within the Tithi Pravesha Chakra. Venus and the Moon conjoin within the Lagna. That is a particularly constructive Yoga for financial benefit accruing to the native. The truth that Venus can be the sixth Lord and the Moon is the third Lord makes this Vipreeta Raja Yoga. This means that the native is in a state of dissatisfaction and from this case he shall surmount heavy odds to attain monetary success. Venus within the Lagna in its personal signal additionally makes this a Malavya Mahapurusha Yoga making the native purchase luxurious objects and conservative success, issues of magnificence and charm, music, automobiles and the like. Each the Moon and Venus
have Digbal / directional energy from the Arudha Lagna within the 10th Home. The indications of assist or positives accruing from the South East can manifest this yr. As well as, because of the comparable energy of the Moon, assist may also come from the North-West dominated by the Moon.

Each Venus and the Moon are conjoined the Labha Pada/ A11 exhibiting tangible positive aspects. This additionally goes by the title of the Vahana Yoga. Folks will see you as opulent and immersed within the enjoyment of Bhoga or sensory/ hedonistic pleasure. There will likely be recognition of your particular person benefit and artistic intelligence, as too superb funding. That is seen from the A5/ Mantra Pada conjoined the Lagna and the A11 within the 4th Home from the A11. All these indications present monetary properly being, prosperity and positive aspects from investments.

Rahu is positioned within the 11th Home promising positive aspects from images. It additionally points the 11th Home from the Arudha Lagna, together with Ketu, with Rashi Drishti confirming positive aspects from images with using devices. The facet of the Solar to the 11th from Arudha Lagna by Rashi Drishti additionally reveals that market leaders or different individuals on the apex of their respective fields might additionally contribute to the incoming funds this yr. All these are straight tips to a go-ahead for this funding alternative exhibiting that the native should avail of it.

Two malefics within the 2nd and the eighth Homes from the Arudha Lagna present poverty. This may be interpreted to imply that the native begins the yr on a dim monetary notice. It’s a good factor that the Moon doesn’t facet the Nodes for that may have let this dissatisfaction linger all year long. This isn’t so, indicating once more that the constructive mixtures within the chart could have the native come out of this state and obtain relative monetary heights.

In contrast to the monetary situation that kinds the main target this yr, the realm of relationships doesn’t emerge as fairly so conspicuous or promising. The broad tendencies pertaining to relationships are seen from the Darapada/ A7 within the Rashi Chakra. That is within the 11th Home from the Uday Lagna exhibiting that funding on this mission might introduce you to an enigmatic particular person. Care is required right here as a result of the Arudha Lagna is within the 12th Home from the A7 exhibiting a mismatch or inherent incompatibility. The lords of the Arudha Lagna and the A7 are additionally fairly opposed to one another, being Rahu and Jupiter respectively. Nonetheless, it won’t be straightforward to take care of one?s sense of discrimination because the seventh Lord Venus is exalted within the 12th Home, exhibiting that the particular person will likely be very fairly, sensuous, creative, elegant and obscure and gauge. Even within the Tithi Pravesha Chakra Navamsha, the chart pertaining to relationships, the lord of the seventh Home is within the 12th Home from the Lagna and within the eighth from the Arudha Lagna. You might be greatest suggested to not get right into a severe relationship this yr.

Give attention to the cures designed to enhance the unconventional Karma on this path and look forward to the proper time. This yr doesn’t furnish the requisite appropriate time for this form of a factor. There must be no confusion on this regard. All arrivals must be welcomed however to plunge headlong into something romantic just isn’t suggested this yr.

It’s the self and self-confidence that may undertake endeavour with initiative and drive because the Lagna Lord Venus (Self/ Persona) is conjoined the Moon, the third Lord of initiative and braveness, within the Lagna itself.

The sixth Home from the Arudha Lagna in any Rashi Chakra reveals the scenario regarding the competitors and rivals. Malefics are thought of well-placed right here. Mars, the seventh Lord of the Tithi Pravesha Chakra, indicating partnerships and relationships is debilitated within the third Home from the Lagna, which can be the sixth Home from the Arudha Lagna. Whereas that is one other clue that very severe romantic relationships are greatest prevented this yr, the exact same placement additionally ensures a heady aggressive power and the willingness to surmount the challenged thrown up by those that oppose and cope with you in life.

Saturn causes the Neechabhanga Rajayoga of Mars and the weak point of the latter planet is quelled to a big extent. You have to guard towards the instinctive lack of initiative and greedy drive brought on by the Sadhu Yoga within the natal chart and make the most of the mixtures within the Tithi Pravesha Chakra to aim to achieve what seems believable this yr.

The mix of the three planets within the third Home from the Lagna and the sixth Home from the Arudha Lagna is a Rajayoga that shall fructify with journey, communication, braveness, initiative and approaching high over rivals and enemies. Allow us to the examine the Tithi Pravesha Chakra Dashamsha/ D-10 chart to take a look at the particular tendencies prevailing within the surroundings for work and achievements this yr.

Taurus Lagna rises within the Tithi Pravesha Chakra D-10 chart with the lord exalted within the 11th Home of positive aspects exhibiting that the expectations and wishes in work will likely be utterly fulfilled, even past expectations. Nonetheless, the Badhak for the chart is positioned within the 4th Home exhibiting that you might want to be painstakingly cautious in regards to the particular implementation of the mission methods and merely delegating this facet won’t do. As Ketu is in Gemini within the 2nd Home it reveals that the funding mission involving reminiscence playing cards (Ketu) and printing (Gemini) actually motivates and attracts you this yr.

The sixth Home pertains to service and has the Moon positioned in Libra. This reveals that regardless that that is an funding proposal, the query of entry of the general public (Moon: plenty) to the kiosks available in the market place (Libra within the sixth Home) should be rigorously addressed as this will likely be vital for the success of the mission. You have to have all the knowledge pertaining to this facet.

You might not really feel very comfy with the precise work until about August 1 as a result of the Tithi Ashtottari Dasha of Rahu shall be on within the Tithi Pravesha Chakra. Although Rahu is well-placed within the Rashi Chakra, it’s debilitated because the 10th Lord within the eighth Home of the D-10 Chart. From August 1 to October 13 it is going to be a really passable interval within the enterprise topic to the Sade-Sati. Thereafter, until November four, market leaders and other people in positions of authority can give you newer concepts, all of which might be beneficial.

Until December 28, you will want to deal with the practical points of the work you’re doing and this angle will reap you a wealthy harvest and satisfaction in work because the Moon kinds Shashi-Mangala Yoga within the 6-12 axis with Mars, exhibiting satisfaction arriving from international lands.

The exaltation of Mercury reveals numerous apt inventive working intelligence and success in ventures ensuing therefrom.

There’s a very sturdy Rajayoga within the 5-11 axis within the D-10 chart exhibiting success from enterprise.

As mentioned with you earlier, this query can be going to be analysed by way of a Horary/ Prashna Chart solid for the aim. The chart was solid for the time when the question was put to your astrologer and when he obtained it in India. The info for the chart is as follows: …; New Delhi, India.

True Copy of the Prashna/ Horary Chart is annexed herewith and marked as ABC INVESTMENT QUERY.

Proper on the outset it turns into obvious that the Prashna Chakra just isn’t as spectacular and favorable because the Tithi Pravesha Chakra for the funding alternative. That is all the time a pointer to the truth that the Karma on this incarnation has been of such a nature in order to change the natal indications. At the price of repetition, it’s as soon as once more acknowledged that Remedial Measures attain the utmost significance on this nativity because of the peculiar and destined vulnerabilities as proven by the Amavasya Tithi Dosha and the location of crux Grahas in debility, Rashi Sandhi, Gandanta and the character of the Prashna Chakra. As soon as the Karmic fallibilities are addressed, many good issues may be attained.

Within the Prashna Chakra solid for the aim of wanting on the potential of the funding alternative, Vrishchik/ Scorpio Lagna rises. Very curiously, it’s the fifth Home as reckoned out of your natal Karka/ Most cancers Lagna. The fifth Home, together with the eighth Home is the Karaka Bhava/ significator home for funding. Thus, the Prashna Chakra clearly offers with the query of enterprise and funding.

The Lagna Lord of the chart exhibiting the Querent is Mars (together with Ketu). Mars is debilitated within the ninth Home exhibiting that the native just isn’t assured because the luck issue/ Bhagya (ninth Home) has not been favouring him and this has sapped vigour and confidence. Nonetheless, Saturn causes the cancellation of the debility of Mars, exhibiting that remedying Karma (Saturn) holds the important thing to better self-belief, power and vigour.

The Arudha Lagna within the Prashna Chakra is within the fifth Home exhibiting that the top results of the funding (10th from eighth) is the rationale for placing forth the question. The ninth Lord Moon is positioned within the fifth Home from Lagna which can be the Arudha Lagna. Rahu is positioned together with the Moon exhibiting that the shocks of the previous make the psychological state suspect and riddled with doubt, the emotional cognizance fearing the worst. The Rashi Chakra in a Prashna Chakra analysis is primarily indicative of the current of the consulter.

The Karya Bhava of the Prashna Chakra is the fifth and in addition the eighth Home. The Karyesh/ significator of funding is Jupiter, which is retrograde within the 12th Home from the Lagna and the eighth Home from the Arudha Lagna. This doesn’t present a contented scenario for the native ?on the time? the question was posed. This must be distinguished from ?what would be the finish results of the question? because the latter shall be seen from the Drekkana/ D-Three chart of the Prashna Chakra. Because the 10th Lord of the Prashna Chakra (Rashi Chakra) is the Solar and it’s positioned within the eighth Home, it reveals that regardless of the encompassing components, you’re keen to go forward and contain your self with the funding.

Because the ninth Lord of Bhagya is within the Nodal axis with Rahu and Ketu, it factors at remedial measures proven by the Karmic management planets: Rahu and Ketu to raised the luck on this enterprise. As Saturn, the planet of Karma itself is the Mahadasha planet within the natal chart within the Vimshottari Dasha scheme, the remedial measures and their requirement are seen much more clearly.

The Navamsha Chart/ D-9 of the Prashna Chakra is seen for the previous. On this chart, Kanya/ Virgo Lagna rises and the Yogakaraka Venus is positioned within the fifth Home. This reveals that the initiatives up to now have been grandiose. The lord of the fifth Home is Saturn and it’s badly by the 12th Lord Solar and the third and the eighth Lord Mars exhibiting very making an attempt experiences in these issues up to now. Nonetheless, as all of the three planets lord a Dusthana and the conjunction happens in yet one more Dusthana, the third Home, it kinds Vipreeta Raja Yoga. This could have allowed the native to come back away with one thing and to remain afloat.

The Karyesh Guru/ Jupiter is positioned within the sixth Home within the nodal axis. The sixth Home is Maraka/ Killer for the fifth and signifies service moderately than entrepreneurial attainment. The Nodes as soon as once more point out that the need of success has not been as a result of any private deficiency however as a result of amassed Karma. That is confirmed by the truth that the Lagna Lord of the Navamsha Chakra is positioned within the 11th Home, the 11th being the Bhava of optimism and success of hopes, wishes and ambitions.

Allow us to examine the longer term propensities by way of the Tithi Pravesha Chakra Drekkana/ D-Three chart. Right here, the chart used is from a Jyotish custom of Orissa, India. The Lagna rising is Most cancers/ Karka and the Lagna Lord Moon, exhibiting the self is positioned within the ninth Home, the Bhava of luck and fortune. That is vital and fairly constructive because it reveals blessings destined for the native by way of luck and charm, the latter attributes being seen from the ninth Home. Mars is a Yogakaraka for Most cancers Lagna, proudly owning each a trine and a quadrant, turning into able to conferring Rajayoga by itself. Right here, Mars may be very properly positioned within the fifth Home of funding which it itself lords. It’s conjoined the seventh and eighth Lord Saturn which supplies a harsh picture to the enterprise picture as somebody who drives a tough cut price.

Jupiter the Karaka is properly positioned in Kumbha/ Aquarius the place it can provide outcomes akin to exaltation within the eighth Home of hypothesis. That is additionally a Vipreeta Raja Yoga as Jupiter is the sixth Lord positioned within the eighth Home.

Relating to the well being scenario, the Nakshatra Pravesh Chakra furnishes a greater image. That is solid for the time when on the time of the photo voltaic return, the Moon enters the Nakshatra the place it was positioned at delivery. Nakshatra Pravesh Chakra relies on the Vayu Tattwa/ the air ingredient and higher reveals the well being scenario. True Copy of the Nakshatra Pravesh Chakra is annexed herewith and marked as ABC NAKSHATRA PRAVESH CHAKRA.

There may be want for warning on this space because the Nakshatra Pravesh Chakra reveals appreciable affliction. The Lagna is by the third Lord Solar in Gemini/ Mithun Lagna. Mithun is the 12th Home from the natal Karka Lagna. It is a Dusthana and reveals an unfavourable yr with respect to the well being. Rahu and Ketu afflict the Solar, the Naisargika Karaka for the physique by Rashi Drishti from the 10th and the 4th Homes respectively. The Lagna Lord of the Nakshatra Pravesh Chakra is badly by debilitated Mars and Saturn. The symptomatic predictive prognosis will rely additionally upon the situation of Venus, the Karaka for blood sugar. Venus is within the 12th Home, positioned with the 2nd Lord, the Maraka Moon. The saving grace is that Venus is in Taurus, its personal signal. Guard towards eye-sight being impacted by the well being situation because the 10th Lord is positioned within the eighth Home from itself and each the Solar and the Moon are considerably .

Nonetheless, that is unlikely to be harmful or severely problematic as Venus is exalted within the Navamsha Chart within the Nakshatra Pravesh Chakra. The exaltation of the Moon within the 12th Home additionally augurs properly for the remedy working. There could also be expenditure and visits to the physician/ the hospital proven by the 12th Home however you’ll reply to the remedy. Until seventh July, you could take the fullest care because the Mars compressed Vimshottari Dasha is on and Mars is a debilitated, pure and practical malefic within the 2nd Home.

This chart makes the necessity for the pearl very essential.

Simply wanting on the international takeover prospects over the subsequent Three-5 years, although the timeframe is kind of broad primarily based, and the Tithi Pravesha Chakra for a extra particular yr must be checked out, usually some issues may be acknowledged. In view of all that has been acknowledged about Saturn and the fairly targeted method wherein remedial measures have been prescribed, all these ventures are to be checked out positively.

Profession and enterprise are more likely to search for. As you get out of the Sade-Sati and into the Rajayoga of Saturn, having carried out what’s required to quell the debility and the Gandanta standing of this Graha, you’ll be properly on the best way to growth. Additionally, the urgent triple Saturn brought on by a bereft-of-remedies and planet within the Vimshottari Dasha Mahadasha in addition to the Antardasha, plus the ending Sade-Sati will abate. Mercury Antardasha within the 12th Home may even support international ventures.

Exactly how far the Grahas reply in actual fact to remedial measures is all the time to be seen from life occasions. Most frequently we discover that these targeted and extremely job particular measures work very properly and numerous profit and constructive change is felt within the space which can be being addressed. It is because of this that the traditional classics are so explicit in laying down Doshas and astrological conditions which can be in want of remedial measures.

I belief you may have a blueprint of what’s to come back this yr, together with in remoted and particular areas. Carry out the remedial measures with religion and with consciousness of exactly what they’re being carried out for. I’ve little or no doubt that you can be aided in your life journey with these inputs.

Greatest Needs,
Anurag Sharma.