Heal you chakras, heal your body

Healing energy – is it possible or is it just the placebo effect? Reiki therapist still sounds to many people at least exotic. However, there are people who looking for alternative ways to improve health, find it in the treatment of energy.
Something more than a wise man and a glass eye –

– If you see something you can not see, does not mean it does not exist.

For many people the word “energy” is associated only with electricity. Meanwhile, the philosophy of the East for thousands of years indicates the existence of energy as a kind of building material, which is woven our world. It is invisible “to the naked eye,” but if we can not see something does not mean it does not exist. We do not see, ot, even viruses and bacteria, but they are able to cause disease in our body.

Well, you think to yourself, energy supply, but how did our world (and everything on it there, including the human body) can be built with energy? But what we see is only matter. And here we come with the help of modern science, and more specifically section of resonant sounding name quantum physics.

Yes, what we perceive with our senses is matter, but if we want to find out what is at the deepest level, which is the fundamental building blocks of matter, scientists tell us that this is energy. While the matter is condensed form of energy (of course they define it a little bit in other words, his speech okraszając whole lot of mysterious-sounding phrases and patterns ;-)). Eastern philosophy says about this for thousands of years, but modern science has found “evidence” relatively recently, in the early twentieth century, thanks to such figures as Einstein, Max Planck, David Bohm, Werner Heisenberg, and Erwin Schrodinger. Thanks to the legacy of, among others, these scientists, so many unusual modern experiments and thinkers who are able to translate key information from scientific language into “normal” person, outlines us a picture of the intangible world, which in addition we can influence.
energy healing

And here we come to the point. We now know that not only the material world (including the human body), “woven” with energy. We also know that we have an influence on it. Yes, we can influence the world around us, and your body (also on health and illness). Not only that – we do it at any time, but most of us are not aware of that. I therefore come with the help books like “Healing energy” in which the authors simple and clear language represent the flow of energy and our impact on it, describe the human side of energy, indicate the cause of diseases and ways of healing.

Science does not confirm unequivocally that healing energy work, confirms, however, that the energy world (the world, the universe, the human body) is fluid and changeable. To adorn this quote quote the words of Dan Winters (author of books on science): “From the perspective of quantum universe is a very interactive place.”
The energy system of man

Those who have the gift of seeing the world of energy, describe the human energy system as a fascinating phenomenon. At the same time this is a topic so broad that you can write at least a few books. In this section, we will briefly role chakras – or “centers” of energy located along the spinal column.

The chakras are located on the front and back of the body. Chakras both male and female rotate in the direction of clockwise. It is widely believed that they take the form of “rings” of energy, but some seers perceive them as a pyramid. We distinguish between the seven main chakras. Each is associated with different parts of the body, each has its own destiny linked with the experiences of our lives. If the chakra is not working properly, reflected in the bodies with which it is connected.

The crown chakra

“Powers” energy brain, upper bay, pituitary, pineal gland and hypothalamus. For this chakra most affected by too intensive use of mental abilities, as well as a lack of confidence in their ideas and opinions, and the constant search for advice from other people. The color of the crown chakra is white (though some seers see it in the colors purple).

Third Eye Chakra

The seven main chakras.

The energy of the third eye chakra is associated with: the eyes, ears, lower bays. Disturbances in the functioning of this chakra lead to dysfunction and disease previously mentioned organs. The color of the third eye chakra are shades of blue and indigo-blue-violet color.

throat chakra


This chakra is associated with the throat, shoulders, neck, upper back. It has to do with issues such as trust, control, resentment and a sense of security while expressing their inner truth. Chakra is “strained” when we have problems with self-esteem or lacking personal strength. The color of the throat chakra is cold and blue.

heart chakra

Her energy has an impact primarily on the heart, lungs, chest, middle back. At the heart chakra affected by unresolved emotional problems. Improperly working heart chakra makes a person is aloof, hides his true emotions and bodies and body parts of its affiliates do not work well enough. The color of the heart chakra is bright green.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Color plexus chakra is a deep shade of yellow. The energy flowing through this chakra is related to, among others, stomach, small intestine, diaphragm, gall bladder, liver and spleen. This chakra has a lot of features, including impact on personal relationships, creativity, self-expression, emotional expression, tendency to isolate themselves and antisocial attitudes.

Sacral Chakra (second chakra)

It is closely linked to how we perceive ourselves and the “imprinted” on her lack of self-confidence, conflict situations, but also harm against emotional and sexual abuse. Her energy flows among reproductive organs, kidney, bladder, and the greater part of the colon. The color of the second chakra is warm orange.

The base chakra (first chakra)

Her energy flows among to reproductive organs and rectum. Its functioning is associated with a sense of belonging, matching the sense of physical security. The color of the base chakra is bright red.